Deciding to build a custom home or renovate your existing does not have to be a stressful process, but an exciting time and rewarding as you can turn your visions into a reality. It is important to find a company that has high level construction knowledge along with great service and communication. That will make your experience enjoyable.

At Rumble Homes, we believe in working close with our clients and giving each project the time and dedication it deserves. It is important that we provide this to our clients, whether it be a new home or renovation each project is given the same amount of care. Having a lot of our process in house allows us to be able to provide the high-quality standards we expect.

Planning & Design

Your vision

Initial client meeting is set at our office or via digital to determine your overall vision for your project, style, land location, construction requirements and budget. We encourage you to bring information that pertains to your project and asked questions you have regarding the process.


If a client has yet to purchase land, Rumble Homes is willing to assist clients in finding suitable property for your build. If you have already purchased land Rumble Homes will complete a site visit with the client prior to designing the home. This ensures the home can be placed properly to accommodate for services and setbacks required to the area. If you are looking to build in a new subdivision in the area contact us to determine available and exclusive lots we have to offer.

Blueprints & Design

We will introduce you to our Architect/Designer where they will design you with a preliminary and final building plan. We like to work close during this process this allows us to make sure your vision stays true along with proper reservations for mechanicals, insulation, interior and exterior options.


Construction contract is produced with blueprints and design attached. Details such as work order, timeline and cost are included. Along with our extended warranty information.


Project Start

Start-up meeting is set with our team to discuss final details about the project and timeline. You will also be given a contact and information via digital. This will contain a list of our preferred suppliers where you will be making your choices from exterior products to interior finishes. Rumble Homes has selected sales staff that deal direct with our clients to ensure an enjoyable and informative experience.

Site Visits

Periodical visits during the project will be scheduled with our team. This allows us to review items such as design details. This allows us and the clients to make changes if necessary during the project.

Custom Details

The custom details of our projects have always been a large part we offer. Come visit our woodshop where you can select materials and we can design all your unique items that make the home yours. From coffered ceilings, book cases, mantels, beams, benches and fireplace facades. These are just some of the custom services we offer in house.

Occupancy / Final inspection

During this time, a final walk through inspection will be completed by our team and the homeowner. After this is completed warranty papers, manuals and information pertaining to your project will be handed over to the client. Along with your extended warranty information.